Sound therapy


Everything consists of energy, oscillation, vibration, frequencies and movement; this creates sounds and is an inherent part of our life.


Sound massage
Sound massage uses different singing bowls on and near the body. By chiming the bowls, concentric waves spread throughout the body's whole system. The vibrations are comparable to a gentle massage and allow you to experience deep calm and relaxation.

Reducing stress and tension
Achieving calm and relaxation
Harmonisation, regeneration and vitalisation
Relieving physical and mental tension
Balancing the left and right brain hemispheres
Connecting body, mind and soul
Activating self-healing powers

Duration approx. 70 min.


Supporting your Process Work with Image & Sound
With images and sounds I will support you in working through your current process, a challenge for which you need new impulses.
This type of Process Work will help you connect with your potential, make blockages visible and recognise the essence therein. These new insights will enable you to see your problems from a different angle und gain the energy to make changes.

Contemplation of a LumenArt picture and immersion in its potential enable the mind to become calm and let go. Challenges can then be examined on a completely different level.
Sounds and vibrations of singing bowls can remove blockages and break old patterns. You gain your own insights into the cause of your current challenge. As a result, old patterns are shattered and dissolved. Sound therapy incorporates the newly gained insights and stimuli into the body and activates your self-healing powers.

130.00 per 60 min.
Duration of a session up to approx. 90 min., maximum 120 min., depending on the subject matter (deeper matters may need follow-up appointments).