Martina Schiffer

Artist, born October 1973.
Founder and manager of the House of Creativity & Health Zum Löwen in the heart of the village of Jonen AG

My artist's journey:
In 1999 I completed training as an EFT Coach. For me, this was an introduction to gaining access to the depths of my own self. With each training, each coach and each attendant I didn't just learn a new method, I also began to understand myself more and more.
Travelling into the deepest corners of the self must be the biggest and most courageous adventure one can experience.

The year 2009 opened the chapter of the "House of Creativity & Health Zum Löwen".
To decorate the walls and make them shine I took up paints and brushes, inspired by Emma Kunz.
Suddenly orders started to arrive. My clients were ordering my pictures, and even people I didn't know at all. The whole thing took off virtually all by itself.
Who would have thought I'd become a painter one day? As a child I found the paint-spattered floor and the unique smell of paints in my uncle's (a graphic designer and artist) studio absolutely fascinanting, but I didn't consciously decide to become a painter.
Painting mandalas & Heart Geometry and Life Trees isn't just fulfilling, but also a way of exploring myths, of diving into my own primordial knowledge and of becoming transcendent to generate knowledge.

To explore being human with the heart and eyes of an artist is a huge potential. As an artist, you give yourself over to mental images, give yourself a lot of room for imagination and practice transcendental being. It is the uncovering of your own soul.

Through my art I want to create pleasant spaces and let energies, frequencies, and sounds become visible that the human intellect can't comprehend.
You may ask how it's possible to paint energies, frequencies and sounds, because you can't see them. It is immersion,
listening, absorbing, becoming that which wants to be painted with every fibre and every cell. This is exactly what a good actor does: they don't play the role, they become the person that needs to be played.
When creating a portrait, I don't paint someone's exterior, but feel into the human being's highest potential, or simply said: the soul. A soul portrait is created which reflects the own innate frequency and sound.
Besides the soul portraits, I create pictures for families, businesses, practices, meditation rooms, restaurants and hotels, etc. in the same way.

Martina Schiffer

Learn more about the House of Creativity and Health at zum-löwen.ch

Further training:
Sound therapy according to Mauro Mongella
Therapeutic pottery
Training with Arno Stern to serve in the painting game
Breath Walk by Hanka Sat Want Kaur
various energetic workshops
S.E.P Spiritual energetic psychology according to Erich Keller
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)-Coach by Erich Keller

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