Mauro Mongella
Singing bowl centre-
Sound therapy & Trainings

I am a part of this vibrating world. If my vibration changes, the world changes.



Suzane Brunner Zeltner
Vocation School

Meaningful work is sensuous and beneficial in an internal and external sense. Meaningful work is natural and life-affirming. Meaningful work nurtures our senses in a healthy way.



Gila Ring
Human beings are capable of exiting their traumatic experiences. Their true essence leads back into the divine being. A process of dying and becoming, in which you are supported by the presence of love as the biggest power in the universe. With mindfulness and clarity I will accompany you lovingly into new spaces and energies.



Gabriela Feustle-Novàk
Coaching means working together towards a solution which enables you to take back your personal responsibility, and which empowers and frees you. 



Caudia Schäpper
The subconscious contains enormous power and answers to many of your life questions. With the help of proven coaching tools, Claudia supports you in unlocking your own sources of strength and achieving your goals.

Coaching & Counselling



Frautark Verbund Switzerland
For women and businesswomen who are independent and aware and love what they do.