Personal Mandala

Personal Mandala - Soul Portrait
The individual works are created in conjunction with the client's highest potential, the source of their being. Every human being has their own vibration and their own innate sound. The connection I form while painting creates a powerful and unique mandala.

By contemplating the mandala you are empowered to courageously live your potential and find creative ways to fulfil your wishes.

The mandala supports you:
• while centering yourself
• activates your own healing powers
• establishes you inner harmony
• supports your own clarity
• strengthens the bond with your own potential
• and accompanies you during private and professional processes

Besides the Personal Potential Mandala I also create mandalas for:
• Relationships
• Families
• Businesses
• Places and rooms
• Specifically requested subjects

Size 30x30            CHF 440.00
Size 40x40            CHF 540.00
Explanation of the picture, examining the soul potential… approx. 60-90 min. CHF 90.00

For sizes:
50x50, 60x60, 70x70, 80x80, 90x90, 100x100, 120x120, 130x130, 160x160, 200x200
I'll glady prepare an offer for you.

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A small selection of Personal Soul Portraits...

Large commissioned paintings:

Blume des Lebens (Grösse 80x80)

Obrecht Weine Logo in Mandala einfefügt Jenins Grösse: 50x50

Seelen-Portrait Grösse 70x70

Blume des Lebens Grösse 50x50

Leuchtkraft, AuftragsBild  Grösse: 90x90

SeelenPortrait Grösse 90x90

Leuchtkraft Bild Grösse 70x70

Praxis Bild Gabriela Feustle-Novàk Grösse 120x120

Praxis Dr.M.Wiegand Kloten Grösse 160x160

Praxis Bild SilentPower Yvonne Waldraff Grösse 120x120

Praxis Bild Silent Power Yvonne Waldraff Grösse 120x120

Praxis Bild Claudia Schäpper Grösse 120x120

Praxis Bild Gila Ring Institut Grösse 80x80